The College of Science has 3,500 students, 300 faculty members, and 300 staff, but there are only a few locations where we can get drinking water. Although water from the faucet is supposedly potable, there is a general mistrust on its safety. Often, members of the CS will buy water or other drinks from cafeterias to quench their thirst. This practice may be unhealthy due to the high amount of sugar contained in soft drinks, juices, coffee, and shakes. It also contributes to the growing problem of plastic pollution, as most drinks come in plastic bottles.

A person needs 900 mL to 1.5 L of water each day. In order to stay healthy and maintain our body’s systems, a person needs to drink fluids regularly. It is all the more important to stay hydrated under the hot and humid weather of the Philippines. Providing water fountains in the CS allows one to ​#DrinkUP​ when they need to.

Water fountains are low-cost and low-maintenance equipment that provide an important resource. Community members can save money as they have access to free water. Providing water fountains will encourage the habit of bringing reusable bottles among the community. It will reduce our plastic waste, and carbon footprint resulting from the bottles’ production and transport. This is in line with our vision of a Green CS.

Project Details
The project aims to install 14 drinking water fountains in the college, with each building having at least one. The water fountains will provide free water for the community and external users (e.g. joggers, bikers) to stay hydrated while engaging in different activities. These water fountains will be installed at the NIMBB, NIP (3), Math (1), Chem (2), MSI, NSRI, IESM, CSRC, CS Admin building, CS Library, and the NIGS.

Water from the fountains will be regularly tested in coordination with the MWSS/Maynilad and the NSRI. Test results will be posted near the equipment to assure users of the water’s safety. The project will be managed by the College of Science Associate Dean for Facilities and Resource Management together with the Institute Directors and their building administrators and the College of Science Student Council. Donors will be recognized with nameplates on the water fountains.


Item Amount per unit Number of units Amount
Water fountain 35,000.00 PhP 14 490,000.00 PhP
Filter replacement (5
2,500 per 9 months,
23,000 PhP for 5 years
14 322,000.00 PhP
TOTAL COST 58,000.00 PhP
(For a single unit)
14 812,000.00 PhP
(For 14 units)

Project sustainability
The College of Science or the institute locations will be able to provide the water connection for the fountains as well as regular filter replacement and maintenance. The College of Science Student Council will be encouraged to make available reusable water carriers for sale to encourage reusable container use in the College. Alumni associations will be encouraged to adopt a water fountain for the maintenance costs of the water fountains such as filters.

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